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Mass Claims: an International Journal with a European Focus is a unique publication that provides a comprehensive overview of inter-jurisdictional developments in the field of collective redress. It also covers non-legal issues relevant to mass claims, such as funding and economics. The journal brings together academics, practitioners, members of the judiciary and policy makers active in the area of mass claims. The wide network of expert contributors report on key European legislation and case law, but also pay close attention to relevant issues outside of Europe – including Australia, Canada, Israel and the United States. This makes the journal a leading commentary on the most recent developments in collective redress. The publication uses various formats and focuses on collaborative submissions, ensuring that no pertinent angles are left out. As a result, the journal offers a reliable source of information on mass claims for any professional interested in this field.


Mass Claims is an indispensable source of information for any professional in this field of expertise, such as legal practitioners, academics, judges , funders, economic experts and policy makers.


Developments are discussed in various articles covering a wide range of topics – including jurisdiction, funding, case management, economics, claim bundling, admissibility of claims – as well as in case notes, overviews of key national issues, reports on key events in the industry, and interviews with leading figures in the field of mass claims. This approach offers different angles and make the journal not only an interesting read, but also a useful practical tool.

The covered jurisdictions are: Austria, Belgium, Central and Eastern EU, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Pan-EU, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. For each jurisdiction, on average two national rapporteurs with broad academic and professional experience will flag relevant cases and national policy and legislation developments that have a wider impact on mass claims litigation in Europe.


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Publication frequency

The journal will be published as a printed copy twice a year, in April and October. Each edition will also be available on an online platform, with an archive being accessible to subscribers.