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Den Hollander
Editorial Board
Machteld de Monchy, Chairwoman (Partner at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek)
Duncan Fairgrieve (Professor at L'Université Paris-Dauphine)
Jeroen Kortmann (Professor at the University of Amsterdam, Partner at Stibbe)
Till Schreiber (Managing Director of CDC Cartel Damage Claims)
Ianika Tzankova (Professor at Tilburg University and Founding Partner at Birkway)
Assistants to the Editorial Board
Justyna Niemczyk, (De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek)
tel: +31 20 577 1721
Aylin Gayibli, (De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek)
tel: +31 20 577 1038
National Rapporteurs
Fernando Aguilar de Carvalho, Portugal (Partner at Uria Menendez, Lisbon)
Maria José Azar-Baud, France (Professor at the University of Paris-Saclay)
Daniel Beard QC, England (Barrister at Monckton)
Miklos Boronkay, Hungary (Partner at Szecskay)
Hakim Boularbah, Belgium (Partner at Loyens & Loeff)
Catherine Derrig, Ireland (Partner at McCann FitzGerald)
Tanja Domej, Switzerland (Professor at the Univerisity of Zurich)
Ariel Flavian, Israel (Partner at Herzog, Fox & Neeman and Professor at Haifa University)
Joanna Fulton, Scotland (Partner at Burness Paull)
Sylvie Gallage-Alwis, France (Partner at Signature Litigation)
Cristian Gual Grau, Spain (Partner at Uria Menendez)
Paul Hitchings, Spain (Managing Partner, Hitchings & Co)
Csongor Istvan Nagy, Hungary (Professor at the University of Szeged)
Augusta Maciuleviciute, Pan-EU (Senior Legal Officer at the BEUC)
Andreas Meidell, Norway (Partner at Thommessen)
Rachael Mulheron, England (Professor at the Queen Mary University of London)
Paul Oberhammer, Austria (Full Professor at the University of Vienna)
Miguel Sousa Ferro, Portugal (Professor at the University of Lisbon Law School)
Astrid Stadler, Germany (Professor at the University of Konstanz)
Eva Storskrubb, Sweden (Counsel at Roschier)
Daniele Vecchi, Italy (Partner at GOP)
Stefaan Voet, Belgium (Professor at KU Leuven)
Johanna Wirth, Germany (Partner at Hengeler Mueller)
Advisory Board
Edward Belobaba, Canada (Judge with the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario)
Robert Michael Dow Junior, United States (District Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois)
Mieke Dudok van Heel, The Netherlands (Judge at the Court of Amsterdam)
Deborah Hensler, United States (Professor of Dispute Resolution and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies at Stanford Law School)
Burkhard Hess, Pan EU (Executive Director of the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law)
Jasminka Kalajdzic, Canada (Associate Professor and Director of the Class Action Clinic at Windsor Law)
Georg Kodek, Austria (Judge at the Austrian Supreme Court)
Bernard M. Murphy, Australia (Judge with the Federal Court of Australia)
María Arántzazu Ortiz, Spain (Judge at the Appeal Court of Mallorca)
Fabian Reuschle, Germany (Judge at the Stuttgart Regional Court)
Lee Rosenthal, United States (Chief United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas)
Peter Roth, England (President of the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal)
Diana Wallis, England (ex-Vice President of the European Parliament)
Special rapporteur
Kimela Shah (Principal at Oxera): Economic analysis in the context of litigation and arbitration


Foreword by the Editorial Board
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Introduction · 30-06-2021
Authors: M.V.E.E. de Monchy, I.N. Tzankova, J. Kortmann, D. Fairgrieve, T. Schreiber
With due pride we are delighted to present this First Edition of the new journal, Mass Claims: an International Journal with a European Focus. It has been quite a journey, bringing together many established and motivated experts in the fiel...
Welcome to the Journal of Mass Claims
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Introduction · 30-06-2021
Author: D.R. Hensler
In a world awash with academic journals, practice notes and blog posts, do we really need a new journal devoted to mass claims? Yes! Oddly, as mass claims increase in frequency in countries worldwide – the result of natural catastrophes, ma...


Mass damage claims for GDPR infringements: a multi-jurisdictional perspective
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Article · 30-06-2021
Authors: G. Potjewijd, S.V. Yakovleva, F. Aguilar de Carvalho, C. Derrig, J. Fulton, S. Gallage-Alwis More authors
This contribution discusses mass claims2 seeking non-material damages for data privacy infringements under Articles 80 and 82 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It contributes to the understanding of these provisions by offer...
Collective redress and jurisdiction in Europe
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Article · 30-06-2021
Author: P. Oberhammer
The Directive on representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers of 25 November 2020 does not address jurisdiction for representative actions. Therefore, the Brussels I bis Regulation continues to apply to...
Interview: Commissioner Věra Jourová on the Collective Redress Directive
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Article · 30-06-2021
Author: J. Kalajdzic
History and Context of Directive on representative actions (9059/20) The 2009 Directive (Directive 2009/22 on injunctions for the protection of consumers' interest) enabled qualified entities to bring representative actions aimed at stoppi...
Complex mass claims: insights from judges across Europe
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Article · 30-06-2021
Authors: J.M. Niemczyk, A. Gayibli
Machteld de Monchy and Till Schreiber in debate with judges Peter Roth (High Court of England and Wales, UK Competition Appeal Tribunal),  Mieke Dudok van Heel (District Court of Amsterdam, Netherlands Commercial Court), Fabian Reuschle (St...
A priceless opportunity: class actions post-Merricks v Mastercard
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Article · 30-06-2021
Author: R.P. Mulheron
In 2015, the United Kingdom Parliament enacted an opt-out class action for competition law grievances. The second class action filed under that regime, Merricks v Mastercard Inc, is a unique and vast case, involving most of the adult popula...

Case notes

The UK Supreme Court in Mastercard v Merricks: an economics perspective
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Case note · 30-06-2021
Author: K. Shah
The Mastercard v Merricks case is the biggest case in the UK, and a contender for one of the largest class action cases globally, representing 46 million class members. The reason the case is of great interest and importance, however, is no...
Tort liability of Volkswagen in the emissions scandal
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Case note · 30-06-2021
Author: A. Stadler
Legal Framework In May 2020, four and a half years after the Volkswagen emissions scandal became public in September 2015, the Bundesgerichtshof ('BGH'), the highest German civil court rendered its  landmark decision on Volkswagen AG's tort...

Case Law and legislation

Country reports
Mass Claims · 2021-1
Case law currentia overview · 29-06-2022
The contributions below were provided by the following rapporteurs:   Belgium: Hakim Boularbah and Maria-Clara Van den Bossche, Denmark: Jakob Dahl Mikkelsen, France: Maria Jose Azar-Baud, Germany: Johanna Wirth, Hungary: Miklos Boronkay, I...